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Koegel's Pickled Bologna Spred

1 ring Koegel's Pickled bologna (skin removed)
1 small white onion (peeled and cut into wedges.
1 small jar of dill relish
Miracle Whip
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1. Grind up Koegel's pickled bologna along with onion.
2. Add dill relish
3. Add Miracle Whip to make the mixture spreadable.
3. Make a sandwich, roll-up, or spread it on crackers.

Submitted By: Kris Costley

Pickled Bologna
Gluten Free

A finely chopped blend of beef, pork and spices stuffed into a natural casing. This is smoked using natural hardwoods. After cooking, the rings are pickled in vinegar. This product is a great snack item with crackers.

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Pickled Ring Bologna - 2.5# jar
Gluten Free

This is our ring bologna packed in vinegar. It is great for a zesty snack.

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